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Of course, we understand that there are always more questions than answers in the beginning and you can easily get lost in the flow of information. If you are on the website, don’t waste your time, use our “Apply” form. We recommend job offers to all people looking for permanent and temporary work, both in Poland and in other countries in the European Union, each time tailored to specific requirements and expectations.
We want every candidate visiting here to find something suitable for him, which will allow him to start a new, interesting stage in his life. Our priority is that a potential Employee, by taking certain risks related to changes in his professional life, has the certainty that he has a strong partner behind him who will take care of his interests. Job offers tailored to the employees, constant care of project coordinators, full legality and transparency of employment make us gain trust and are a reliable employer.
We offer job positions in companies from various industries, such as office and administrative work, logistics, forwarding, production, catering, finishing works, assembly or construction works. We also have attractive offers for employees who are interested in seasonal work.
We invite everyone interested in cooperation to familiarize themselves with our job offers.

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