Employees from Ukraine

Work for Ukrainians - hiring workers from Ukraine

The current situation on the domestic labor market can hardly be considered comfortable for employers. Finding the right people to work is sometimes a miracle – this applies to both specialists in various industries and blue-collar workers for longer periods. Therefore, workers from across the eastern border, especially from Ukraine, are becoming more and more popular. Anyone can offer work for Ukrainians – among the citizens of this country there is no shortage of highly qualified staff and people willing to take up any job. With our support, the entire recruitment process will be extremely simple and hassle-free.

Help in finding employees from Ukraine

We offer cooperation in the form of recruitment of appropriate staff, as well as leasing for companies who want to have more freedom in action. In each case, we provide full assistance during the recruitment process, thanks to which the formalities that must be met by the employer are kept to a minimum. This saves, above all, valuable time and money, and at the same time allows you to supplement your staff with really valuable employees.
If working for Ukrainians is something you are interested in, you’ve come to the right place. The Work In Group employment agency has extensive experience in recruiting to companies with various business profiles. We have a wide range of possibilities, so we help you find exactly the employees that employers are looking for. We also support foreigners in the process of obtaining a work permit in Poland, taking over most of the duties. We make sure that the entire process is carried out efficiently and fully legally. Our actions contribute to saving time and money of our clients.
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