Employee Leasing

Employee leasing

Leasing of employees from Ukraine is an excellent solution for companies that are considering external employment. Employees from Ukraine are hired on the basis of the order form and the general agreement between the company and the agency. The essence of this type of employment consists in the fact that the agency signs a temporary employment contract with the employee (pays him / her remuneration, supervises, has the imperative powers of the employer, provides HR services to the employee), and the work is performed at the client’s. Employees from Ukraine are employed on the basis of delegation or an export contract. It is an ideal solution for an employer who wants to quickly fill vacancies in the company and at the same time reduce costs. We quickly respond to changes and employee needs of our client, giving him a number of solutions supporting the company’s operation.

Legalization of stay and employment of employees from Ukraine:

When dealing with the leasing of employees from Ukraine, we support our clients in every aspect. Hiring citizens of this country requires certain formalities. However, working for Ukrainians does not have to be associated with complicated procedures. Everything is simple with us – we take care of all the documentation, and the employer does not waste time or nerves on official matters.

The scope of our offer includes:

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